Whether for a business trip, a long weekend away, extended vacation, puppy/senior care, or even just a midday pit stop while you're working, thanks for checking out the services that PetDaddy offers! We are a small local business committed to providing a full spectrum of high quality pet and home care services in the West Seattle area.


Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Dog Walking

  • Cat and Dog - In Home Pet Sit Visits

  • Pet Taxi - To/From Groomers, Vet, DayCamp, Weddings

  • Homecare - Full residence care while you're away

At PetDaddy, modern service meets old school professionalism. Our mission is to provide the finest care possible to your pets and animals when they are in our care. Scheduling service with us is a breeze! Whether by voice, text, email, or our awesome and robust mobile app, we've got you and your pets covered!


Each service visit we do is geolocated and time stamped, which you can see at any time in our mobile application. We log our visits in our mobile app and will gladly send you visit reports via mobile app, direct text, or email!

We'd love to be your pet's pal! When we partner you can expect an extreme level of trust, honesty, dependability, and reliability in the care of your furry loved ones. When you are away you'll be assured that we are taking care of the safety of your pets and the security of your home to the highest standard.


Being active and healthy retirees,  our small business allows us to do what we love most: giving love and kindness to pets, and being of service to others!   

" For Quality Care When You're Not There "