The PetDaddy charges based on length of service time, and therefore we do not typically charge for "additional" pets that live in same household. Multiple pets or mixes of pets (ie: cats and dogs, seniors and juveniles, or medication requirements) can impact the length and number of visits we need to provide optimum pet and home care in your absence. Every household is unique. Our mission is to provide the best care possible at our lowest price to you. Working together with you we can tailor and plan a perfect service schedule for your specific situation. 

Our services are timed from arrival time to departure time at the service address. Our visits are GPS geo-located and time stamped so you can verify them at any time. All of our visits are minimum full length, and often longer than scheduled length. We electronically check-in daily with a quick report or photo!


For out of town parents, Home Care Services are offered free of charge with nearly all of our service options. These include but are not limited to light and curtain rotation, refuse cans to and from the curb, indoor plant watering, quick perimeter security checks, and mail carry in pickup.

We offer an Add-A-Buddy option so that neighbor doggie pals might share a service visit at reduced cost. Please note: this option requires specific advance coordination, payment arrangements, and sign up procedures. Add-A-Buddy is not available on short notice; "surprise guest pets" are not permitted.                                                 Thanks!

At The PetDaddy Our Motto is: " We can do that! "